A web series are generally the scripted or non scripted online videos which are shown on the internet for the entertainment purpose of people. It can be seen in mobiles, laptops, tablets, and televisions. A single episode is generally known as a webisode. It gets more prominent by the 20’s. Nowadays people only prefer to watch different kinds of web series for entertainment and sometimes to gain knowledge. There are many kinds of genres, which means different kinds of web series, people watch according to their preference.

The main different types of genres are:-
Action:- Action movies are related to fights and sometimes adventure. In this, the protagonist takes some risky action which sometimes leads to desperate situations like fighting scenes, bomb explosions etc.
Comedy:- Comedy movies are intended to make the audience laugh by doing some pity stuff. It tells the story about some comedy fiction or nonfiction and comical events. It generally goes with all other genres to make web series more interesting.
Romance:- A romance is usually known as love stories, emotion driven stories etc. The romantic web series is related to love between the main characters of the series, which shows the struggle of them to get united. It is the most popular genre as people are likely to watch romantic series most.
Adventure:- An adventure movie is generally based on the dreams of people to go to different places to achieve something. It shows the struggle of an individual to get something unique. This genre can be mixed with any other genre.
Crime and Mystery:- This is the most likely web series as it is based on the being committed or was committed crime. It shows the mystery story of the main character either to get him justice or punishment. Mystery novels generally lead to a great crime and mystery series by adding more mysterious things to it.
Fantasy:- This fantasy web series is based on the imagination of one person or can say some magic or supernatural thing. These kinds of series attract viewers’ attention by adding some non- existence things.
Historical/ Historical fiction :- These types or historical/ historical fiction series are based on things which are done in the past, some real life events / Persons are captured in these series. It shows the real things that took place in this world, with real people but they add some fictional and drama to make the series more interesting.
Horror:- It is based on real life stories and fictional stories. It is made to scare or frighten people through suspense, shock or violence. It sometimes leads to some drastic damage or things like that.
Science Fiction:- Science fiction is just like a fantasy, in this scientific knowledge is used to make people believe that the story is true. It presumes on some scientific fact, ramifications of computers or machines, some time travels etc.
Thriller:- A thriller is a story that is a mix of almost every genre like fun, fear, horror, action , adventure, romance etc. It creates a huge suspense to make people excited about the series. It generally has the dark theme to create more drama into it.

Web series are the total source of entertainment for people. It is shown in the various different languages also like English, Hindi, Korea, French, Telugu, Tamil and many more.

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