When Is the Best Time to File for A Trademark: Before You Launch Your Business or After?

This is a commonly asked question by most new business owners. The answer to the question is usually subjective in nature. However, from a professional perspective, it is advised to file for a trademark before you launch your business or the moment you conceive the trademark idea in your mind. Fortunately, unlike before, you can now file for a trademark on the basis of future use and the application can be maintained for three years before your product or service is market ready.

Firstly, it is important to register your trademark in order to protect your business or product brand from infringement. The more you delay registering your trademark, the more you risk that somebody else will start using your brand. Of course, you will find it difficult to prove you are the rightful owner of a mark or brand if you fail to register it.

Secondly, you could lose all the money, time and energy spent on building a business brand if you fail or delay in filing for the trademark. You may later discover that while you were busy building your brand, another company or business has already acquired a trademark on it. If you registered the trademark earlier, even before launching your business, it would be very easy to legally fight any company that infringes on your brand. This is why it pays to be proactive about trademark registration.

Lastly, you will have total confidence and rest of mind that your business trademark is secured when you register it and complete all related documentation before you launch the business. You will also be able to focus on building your business.

Some people who failed to register their company trademarks before their businesses were launched have regretted their actions. There are a number of firms that have been seriously affected by this. Some have lost their business brands to other companies, and some have spent a lot of time and money fighting legal cases on trademark infringements.

Endeavor to file for your trademark as soon as possible and don’t delay if you really value your business. If you are interested in trademarking your business brand or learning more about how to file a trademark, you can visit www.trademarkangel.com.

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