Interview is a formal or informal structured way of communicating where one asks questions and one gives answers to them. It is between the interviewer and interviewee where the interviewer asks questions and the interviewee provides answers, generally providing answers related to some general questions which are needed to ask for a job or something like that. 


  1. The traditional way – This is a most common interview process where two people sit inside a room and one asks the question and other answers them regarding a job. 
  2. The phone interview – It is a kind of first time screening to check whether you are eligible for the interview or not. It is done on the phone where the interviewer asks a few questions on the phone itself.
  3. The video interview – It takes phone screening interviews to the next level where the interview takes place on video calls. 
  4. The case interview – It is a type of interview where the interviewer gives some problem solving cases to the interviewee in order to test him.
  5. The puzzle interview – In this the interviewer asks very random questions, whose answer is not easily given but to test interviewee thinking capacity or how quick interviewee is. 
  6. The lunch interview – It is the same as the name, in this the interviewer and interviewee meets for lunch and then the interview takes place. 
  7. The group interview – Group interview is an interview where lots of interviewees sit in order to impress the interviewer. The interviewer judges the interview by their answering skills and how quick they are. And then they get selected for different roles at the same place.  
  8. The working interview – In this the interviewer directly asks you to do the writing work of their company, just to see how you complete the work, it is like a practical interview.
  9. The panel interview – In this interview, you have to report to several people in a team for several interviews. This is not uncommon to meet with numerous interviews.  
  10. The career fair interview – It is a small interview of 10-15 mins in career job hunt or anything like that which leads you to the full interview, if selected by the recruiter.

Interviews are like part and parcel of life when searching for a job. It leads to knowing more about the interviewer. Whether she/ he is liable for the job or not. Interviews can be biased and unbiased.

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