Ricoh’s Managed Print Services named a Global leader by Quocirca for sixth consecutive year

The domain of Managed Print Services (MPS) in the printing and visual communications industry is a highly profitable one. MPS Service providers are now experiencing a high level of demand when it comes to their product, but industry leaders are few and far in between.


Quocirca is a highly reputed business analysis and research company, that has concentrated its research findings for the European domain. Their surveys always use high-quality primary research, conducted by professionals in native languages and English so as to ensure the right consistency and translation. They specialize in measuring the impact of business technologies on organizational functioning – thus, MPS is an obvious choice to study and deconstruct.


Ricoh has emerged to be an unparalleled GLOBAL leader for the 6th consecutive year – which is a surefire indicator of our phenomenal record in the field. Ricoh’s successes are attributed to its work, that aligns both global and regional strategies to address diverse needs of both enterprises and SMBs by offering a wide range of scalable services, which both feature and build upon MPS.

Ricoh’s Managed Document Services offering is boosted by the company’s reluctance to cut corners in any area.

No less than 5 regional competency centers provide consistency and high service quality. The product features are designed with the help of data analytics which helps Ricoh boost efficiency and addresses information security concerns, enabling enterprises to tackle the rising costs associated with an unmanaged print infrastructure.
Quocirca also monitors the wide range of other influential clients, which indicates Ricoh’s standard. Ricoh’s centrally managed infrastructure enables them to offer their customers a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to: Application Services, Business Process Services, Communication Services, Intelligent Delivery Services, Learning Services, Legal Document Processing and eDiscovery Services, IT Infrastructure Services and so on.

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