Reasons for a Rejection of an Australian VISA

The visa application process in Australia is a difficult one. There are several steps you need to take and varied requirements that need to be met. There are some applications that may end with the refusal of a visa.

There are more than one hundred and forty visa types in Australia and each of them have different conditions and requirements. You have to opt for the best visa type and that may be a difficult process. A visa application may get rejected due to financial problems. The immigration department in Australia wants the candidates to meet the essential financial requirements. It is important that you are prepared financially to visit or make a good move to Australia

Why my visa application for Australia Rejected?

Your visa application can be refused for several reasons if

  • you have not met the prerequisites for a past visa
  • you did not give ample information to prove the claims you had in your application
  • you do not meet the health or character requirements in Australia
  • you provided the incorrect information or made a wrong claim in your application
  • in case there is some issue or error in the information you gave, it may have a bad effect on the result of your application.
  • Giving false and misleading information can result in the refusal of your visa.
  • Your visa application can be rejected in case the sponsor does not meet the essential criteria and that may differ on the visa type that is applied for.
  • An applicant can be denied temporary or permanent entry to Australia if he fails to meet the health requirements.
  • A visa application can be rejected in case the sponsor does not meet the essential criteria
  • An applicant who does not meet the training requirements is not eligible for the visa
  • Your visa application can be rejected if you give a false document or information
  • It may be refused if you give misleading information with respect to a visa that you had in the past 12 months prior to making your present application
  • Your visa application can be refused in case you have got a serious medical issue
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