Makeup Tips to Complement Your Hijab Style

 Makeup Tips to Complement Your Hijab Style

No look is ever complete without proper makeup. In fact a nude and simple look too needs some amount of makeup and good care of your skin. Hence whether you are in jeans or sarees, in abayas or in shorts, makeup tips are something that you should know about.

If you love to wear hijabs then by now you already know about the best hijab store online and have bought the best of the best hijabs they have in their collection. But wait! Have you bought the right makeup accessories and cosmetics that you need? Wearing a hijab with no makeup is a strict no-no, since makeup is what makes a hijabi look tick! Need some help with ideas when it comes to makeup that complements your hijab? Well then here are some options that you will find extremely helpful:

  1. The most important thing that you need to remember that when it comes to hijabs, your face remains open and the total spotlight is on it. Your skin thus has to be of good quality and glowing. While some are naturally blessed with good skin, others are not. For those who do not have a glowing skin, you can always make it glow with the right makeup. All you have to do is take a little bit of foundation (water based) and slightly cover your face with it. Then use a concealer if you have dark circles under your eyes and complete your look with a slight touch of power. Keep the base minimal in order to avoid a caked and messy look.
  2. The next thing that you need to take note of is your eyes. Eye shadows are a must because you need to highlight your eyes to carry out the perfect hijabi look. The smoky eye look always works really well with hijabs. You should use water proof mascara and curl your eye lashes if need be since they need to look long and beautiful. Apply kohl and add eye liner to complete the look. It is best not to go for deep eye shadows when heading out for work or for an informal gathering. Gold or light brown eyes shadows work best for occasions like these.
  3. Lip colour is of the outmost importance. You need to have lipsticks of various shades in your possession. You can either go for a simple dark or bright red coloured lipstick or go for a nude coloured gloss depending on your look. If you love everything to be in synch when wearing your attire, you can also go for the same lip colour as your abaya and hijab.
  4. Use a little blush if you want to highlight your cheek bones but it is best not to use it for every occasion then that will create a monotonous look.
  5. Make sure that you apply proper foundation so that it matches your skin tone. Do not forget to blend it well.

Give some time to your makeup, let it set in and then head out. Makeup is essential when wearing a hijab. Try it out today.

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