Indian Railway Coaches: Things You Should Know


Indian Railways have been popular around the world. It is the biggest rail network in Asia and the world’s second-largest network that gets operated under a single organization. In India, the passengers can be seen traveling by train in every corner of the country. Whether you talk about cities, remote areas, or hamlets; every space has a link with trains.

You can easily get to know about the train ticket availability, you can check the train timings and almost everything related to trains is on your table in this current era. Indian Railways have really progressed a lot in recent times.  For the convenience of the passengers, Indian trains have diverse classes for passengers.  Have a look below:

  • Talking about 1st AC, it is a superior and the most expensive class. It has two types of coupes and cabin: coupes possess two berths and cabin has 4 berths.
  • Talking about 2nd AC, it has six berths, four in a passage and two side berths (curtains are right there on both sides).
  • Getting over to 3rd AC, it has 8 berths and six in a passage and two side berths. Some of these coaches mainly Garibrathtrains have nine berths one extra side middle berth (there aren’t any curtains).
  • Then when you speak of Executive Class Chair Car, it is an air-conditioned coach having large roomy seats and legroom. It has a total of four seats in a row that is used for day travel between different cities. Such a class of travel is only available on the Shatabdi Express trains. These are absolutely comfortable.
  • Next talking about AC chair car, it is an air-conditioned seater coach having a total of five seats in a row that is used for day travel between cities. These coaches are also really spacious and comfortable.
  • First Class, this is just like the cabin of 1st AC. The only difference is that there is no AC in first class. Then Sleeper is same as 3AC. There are means 8 berths but without AC. Similarly, 2nd Sitting is similar to Ac Chair-car. It is without the air-conditioning. These might be reserved in advance or may not be reserved.
  • Then next is Unreserved or General Coach. It is the cheapest accommodation. The seats are generally made up of pressed wood in the older coaches but cushioned seats are there in new coaches. These coaches are mostly overcrowded and a seat is not certain. Tickets get issued in advance for a minimum journey of more than twenty-four hours. Tickets issued stay valid on any train on the same route if boarded within twenty-four hours of buying the ticket.

Thus, since you know the different classes of trains now, you should not feel confused the next time you travel by train. These trains are absolutely rewarding if you have the information about the features, options, and classes they cater. Book a seat as per your requirements and enjoy your journey!

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