Important Things You Should Know About Government Funded Aged Care Courses

Aged care training has become the newest trend in the job universe, and there has been a steadily rising demand for qualified personnel in Australia and New Zealand predominantly. Government funded courses have popped up in several locations and can also be conducted via interactive online courses. There are three primary certification levels for aged care training, and they are based on different responsibilities.


Secondary qualification: Taking it as a secondary qualification can help you get an extra skill on your resume, but may affect your stock negatively if you are applying for government based funding opportunities. You can still get multiple certificates in the same course. Contact us for further queries.

For Permanent residents: The aged care training is broadly limited to permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand, however, immigrants with a green card who have made their homes there are also eligible for applications. There is a paper trail to follow and you should contact your embassy for details.

Age restrictions: There’s no age limit on aged care courses, and anyone above the age of 18 can apply. This extends to all certificates of the course. The limitations are also not applicable when applying for funding and financial aid from a government body. For any query, you can easily reach us here.


Government funded courses: The Australian government has set aside a portion of their financial resources to set up trust funds that are used to aid students financially insufficient to study a course. The aged care training certification is also supported by a host of government agencies for funding. Register now to apply for funding.

Eligibility for funding requests: Sometimes a tertiary qualification may cause some trouble getting funding and are usually never granted, but is readily available for first-time certifications. Both part-time and full-time students are eligible for applying.

Choosing your payment plan: The government agencies have several payment plans, and in a variety to help you keep a wide range of options available. The plans are designed to accommodate as many of the common financial situations faced by the people as possible. The flexibility is in choosing the plan best suited for your cause. Some government funded aged care courses online offer discounts and concessions that are separate from the existing payment plans. These usually come with underlying conditions, but are useful when availed.


Certificate III: These are specialization courses, designed in two levels based on area of expertise. The certificate III qualifies you for the individual support which also includes personalized health care. It includes practical routines besides classroom work.

The certificate IV is based on aging support which is based on keeping up with the latest problems of the senior citizenry. This includes tackling special cases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s while making an effort to improve the general lifestyle of your charters.

Diploma: The diploma course is a basic skill certification that tackles both the above courses in moderation. It is best as a tertiary skill in healthcare but is also useful for the majority of jobs in the aged care community. Certificates and specializations are reserved for very specific roles, with mostly a higher pay grade.

It may not sound very lucrative as a career option, but it is a viable and necessary role in the community workforce. Part of the duties involves being a healthcare professional, while the other deals in diagnoses and the administrative parts of aged care.

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