Important Factor Related To Car Battery

Important Factor Related To Car Battery.

Car Battery is the heart and soul of your car as without battery car can’t run. To set the vehicle on motion, battery gives electric current to electric powered starting motor which in turn enables the internal combustion engine. The car will remain just a piece of metal until it has the standard car battery fitted inside it even if you have the best engine or modern modifications in your car. The battery life is usually 2-5 years, it depends on the driving habits or the elements submission. A quick test of battery shows, how much battery life is remaining? The need of battery service? Therefore by the quick test, one can know if battery is reliable or not. The battery looks very small, but it takes a huge power to start it on and run smoothly. That’s why we need the best car battery for longevity and smooth functioning.

Why battery service is necessary?

  1. Easy start of car:- If your battery is serviced or repaired properly on time, it will be convenient to start your engine like in one go. If you heard a voice of cranking or the light is getting din, that means you need to repair your battery. Otherwise it will trouble you in the middle of the road. So get your battery serviced on time.
  2. Cost effective:- If the battery is creating problems like trouble in starting the engine, dim light etc. and you avoid the battery repair or service. Then it will cost you more, and even can lead to battery replacement. To avoid such big amount of service, get your battery repair as soon as you detect the problem.
  3. Performance of car:- Your battery also leads to the performance of car. As it force the car engine to apply more power than usual, which leads to the deficiency of fuel in both long run and short run.
  4. Life span:- Your battery affects the life of vehicle as time, heat and vibration can lead to some serious issues in car. It can affect the life span of a car. If you need a good and long life span of car, you need to get your battery serviced before it starts affecting your vehicle.
  5. Driving satisfaction:- A good battery leads to the good driving as it wont create any problem in starting or anything. Therefore it leads to the great driving satisfaction. Thus get your car battery service on time.

There are some warning signs which indicates that your car battery needs replacement :-

Slow engine crank
– Check engine light
– Low battery fluid level
– Bottom line
– The swelling, bloating battery case
– When it sinks
– Battery crosses more than 3 years.

How a car mechanic should check your car battery?

  1. They should first check on the car battery to suspect what is wrong or why is it less performing?
  2. They should go to every possibility before doing the replacement of car battery.
  3. They should ask the customers before doing any service in the car.
  4. They must do their work efficiently and cost effectively, to maintain the customers.
  5. They must have the modern and ultra sensitive equipment to repair your car battery in a proper way.
  6. They must provide a branded battery and at least the warranty of six months.

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