How Well Are You Aware Of The Ahmedabad Culture?

Ahmedabad Tourism

We are truly blessed to be in a country like India where there are a number of cultures. We are probably one of the biggest diverse countries in the world. Each and every state has its own culture, and we are all very proud of it. Not just a mix of culture, but we also have been blessed with so many beautiful states and cities. So, the next time you think of a foreign trip, first consider your own country because there are hidden gems that you are yet to explore.

In my post today, I am picking up Ahmedabad and will give you a verbal tour of the place. So, we all know the city, right? But how much do we know about it? Other than the fact that it was a part of the pre independence fights and has been an important centre in the past, what else do you know about it? In fact, do you at all see Ahmedabad as a tourist spot? If your answer is no, I am sure your opinion is about to change very soon. So, get ready to start browsing for the best Ahmedabad resorts because you are going to want to go there very soon.

Now it is the time for a sneak peek into the culture of this lovely city.

  • Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities of Gujarat that is situated on the river banks of Sabarmati.
  • The city is basically a dry city, but you can always get high on their food.
  • The Gujarati cuisine is very famous all over the country and especially their Gujarati thali which has close to 8-10 dishes served. You will mostly find vegetarian food but hardly would you have ever seen such a variety in vegetarian dishes.
  • Ahmedabad has a great religious mix, and hence, you will find worship places of the Jains, the Hindus, Christians and Muslims as well.
  • Festivals become a huge deal in here, and kite flying and navratri are two of the most popular ones. This is the time when the entire city is in a festive mood. But apart from these two festivals, other festivals are also celebrated with much joy.
  • The place has a number of old monuments, palaces and forts that are a gift of the reign of the Shahs, Mughals, Marathas and the British. Actually, many of these have now been converted into heritage hotels.
  • The local markets will be filled with works from folk art, tie and die dupattas, etc. These are main attractions for the foreign tourists.

So, this was just a glimpse of the city. I hope this post helped you, and if you liked it, then add this city to your tour destination as well. You could look for some of the best hotels in Ahmedabad under Gujarat tourism hotels and I assure you that you would get the best of hospitality form there. So, when are you taking this trip?

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