How to Become an Immigration Agent in Australia?

If you have a legal practice and you want to shift to immigration policies, a migration agent is the best way to go. You get a range of choices from a private consultancy that pays more, to a government agent that is secure. Here’s a fact sheet on becoming a migration agent in Australia.

Language and customs

You have to be proficient with the language – not just the written parts with your perfect grammar, but familiarity with the local lingo. Accent training can come in useful as well as picking up on the trending lexicon. If you are permanent visa holder in Australia, you are already familiar with most of it, and for your convenience, there are a few agencies that will train you in the customs.

Knowledge criteria

To become an immigration agent in Australia you have to be a legal practitioner that is recognized by the government body. You can also be a graduate of Australian migration law and with at least one year of experience in the legislative circuit. For any query, refer to the website.

Police vetting

Before you get to be an immigration agent, Australia, you need to go through a background check that is supervised by the Australian national police. The certificate issued is valid for 12 months and you can use a previously issued certificate provided it is still valid. A scanned copy must be submitted along with the original application.


The professional indemnity insurance is a compulsory requirement for being a migration agent. To be eligible for the same, you need to be a practitioner in the Australian legal circuit and currently employed to under an institution or agency. Copies of all valid documents must be submitted at the time of application.

Funding and costs

There are two primary types based on the business you will be serving. A commercial or for-profit migration standards are typically expensive with a corporate bias. The non-profit sections are managed by the government body and comparatively cheaper, but with limitations in jobs. A little extra needs to be considered for professional indemnity insurance.

Professional library management

As a migration agent in Australia, you have to maintain a professional library for records and legal files that document your projects. This is important for migration consultancy firms, especially if you are a commercial organization. Government bodies are already equipped with library services which make looking for a professional service unnecessary.

Additional eligibility criteria

Photographs are required at the time of registration, as well as being above 18 years of age, and a citizen of Australia. The eligibility also extends to citizens of New Zealand and Australian residents who are issued an Australian permanent visa. Any previous bans must be removed before the application can be considered. Register now for more details and to apply for the course.

Ethics and miscellaneous

The background checks for immigration agent Perth, Australia, involves checking for integrity and ensuring that the agent has not been involved in serious transgressions. The ethics check also involves a personality evaluation that confirms whether the candidate is fit for conducting immigration assistance. This check also extends to previous employers and is carried out by the Australian national police.

There are a lot of risks with being a migration agent, but a lot of it deals with corruption and tests of integrity. This is a fair reflection as most of the job is about trust and national security using legal practices. You can find a full ethics guide at your migration agent training.

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