How Is A Legal Notice For Defamation Send In India?

legal notice for defamation send in India

The legal notice is a kind of warning that you send to a company or person who has cheated you with money. This makes the company or person aware of certain legal implications that he or she might initially not be aware of. In this notice, a penalty amount is also included. This also includes the legal implications that a defaulter might have to face. In case you are a person who has received a legal notice for recovery of money then you should immediately hire a lawyer. It is a lawyer who will actually reply to your letter.

How much money is required to send a legal notice?

If you are planning to send a defamation notice to someone then you also need to spend some amount of money for it. You need to pay a minimum of around Rs.2500 for sending such a notice to the defaulter. However, the amount of money that you have to spend will actually depend on the particular issue. For example, if you simply have to send a notice for cheque bounce then you have to spend just 500 INR. It is always recommended to get a legal notice drafted by a lawyer.

If someone defaults, is it always necessary to send a legal notice?

Legal notice for defamation is not always mandatory. There are only some statutes that prescribe you to send a legal notice. This notice is sent before you file a case against the person or the company in court. For example, if someone has provided you with a cheque and that cheque has bounced then you need to first send a notice to him. This is the S-80 of Civil Procedure code that is sent just before the S-138 of the negotiable instrument act. So this means that if you feel that the defaulter is not very much aware of the mistake that he has committed then sending a legal notice is a good option. In a number of cases, it has been observed that the defaulter realizes his or her mistakes after a legal notice is sent. They, therefore, tend to return the money immediately.

What can you do in case you receive a legal notice?

  • In case you receive a legal notice then you first need to read it carefully and understand it. In case it is a petty issue then you should solve it immediately. For example, if you have issued a cheque to someone and the check is bounced then you can simply repay the money. The issue will be resolved. In case the issue is not a trivial one then you need to proceed to the next step.
  • You need to consult a lawyer. Then you need to present all the important information on that particular issue. Then the lawyer will draft a reply and send it on your behalf.
  • It will depend on the reply that you send whether the other party will take matters to the court or solve it amicably.

Legal notices have very important implications. So in case you want to send a notice to someone then do consult a lawyer.

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