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It is often referred that coffee is “a liquid hug to your brain”.  Many of us kick start our day with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.  According to a well know newspaper, Australia ranks 42nd in coffee consumption.  If you love coffee, you become a stickler for taste.  A survey says that coffee lovers would never return to an outlet that served them a bad brew.

What if you could learn the art of brewing a perfect cup of coffee?  Whether you want to learn it to make a warm cuppa in your kitchen or want to be a pro at an outlet, here is the best opportunity that would blow your mind away.  Learn the art, unravel all the secret from the leader, Barista!

Learn it from the Leader!

Barista Course Perth WA offers courses from brewing for home to working in a Barista outlet.  There are also course on coffee roasting, latte art workshops, advanced modules, etc.  Barista course Perth is best suited to anyone with four hour workshops on weekdays and weekends.  There are also options for bulk bookings and corporate workshops.

Barista Courses Perth at a Glance:

As already stated, the courses are suited to individual needs.

Signature and Barista Professional Training:

Best suited for a beginner who wants to make a perfect brew at home or at an outlet

Advanced Barista Training:

The next step after basics, is the fine tuning of coffee extraction and learning to multi task at an outlet.

Latte Art Workshop:

Tap your creative side, learn the art of pouring and making the classic Tulip, Heart and Rosetta

Coffee Roasting:

The crucial technique of roasting different blends, different stages and progression of roasting.

Corporate Team Building Workshops:

At Barista Course Perth, it is not just coffee all the way, bond over coffee, learn team building, a course opens for corporates and even schools.

Different Blends:

The Barista Course Perth comes in different blends.  You can bundle courses and get special discounts.  Bring your friends and get more discounts.  All participants get special   memorabilia from Barista.  You can even gift a Barista Course Perth to your loved ones.

Remember “life is too short to drink bad coffee” so make it perfect with Barista Course Perth.

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