All You Need To Know About Tourist Visa To Canada

All You Need To Know About Tourist Visa To Canada

Whenever you are planning to visit any place abroad, the primary thing you need to get for yourself is a tourist visa. A tourist visa is the type of visa issued to one person to visit outside his or her country for the purpose of recreation, casual visit to meet friends and acquaintances and for sightseeing.

While there are many complications that one faces while applying for the visa, the process for applying for the same is relatively easy in case of Canada. Since Canada is one of the most attracted tourist spots, people from all over the globe flock here to explore the beauty of the country. In order to get Canada tourist visa from India, you shall need to certain official processes conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Basic Requirements That need to be Satisfied In Order To Obtain Visa

As an initial phase, you should submit an application form for your tourist visa in person which can either be online or can be in person. You need to submit certain supporting documents along with the filled up application form for a tourist visa to Canada. Here is the list:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A certificate from a registered physician stating that you are mentally and physically fit.
  3. You need to convince the immigration officer that you possess enough assets and have a property which will serve as incentive once you return to India.
  4. Submit a proof of having sufficient cash to support your stay and visit in Canada.
  5. The duration and purpose of your visit to Canada need to be stated clearly. Besides, you also need to inform with whom you would be staying during your visit to Canada- family, friends or paid accommodation.

All the documents are to be submitted in original and will be thoroughly checked by the concerned authority in order to check its authenticity.

How Much Does It Cost?

You must be thinking about the pocket pinch that you would experience while applying for a tourist visa to Canada. The estimation of Canada tourist visa for Indian varies between 5800-6500 INR for one person. After you submit your application, it takes 30-35 days for processing your details or as per the speed of the embassy. But once the process initiates, the other things will be done in a swift manner.

Take Help Of Expert In Order To Get The Visa Without Any Hurdles

In case you are unable to handle all these complications, you can also take expert help by hiring a professional or agency that has experience in this field for many years. One thing should be kept in mind while taking resort to any of these mediums- check the authenticity of the mediums. It is always the best if you take a feedback from those who had already used these services before.

Once you receive the visa, pack your bags and look forward to a wonderful trip to Canada!

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