4 Reasons to send your child to Boarding School


Schooling is one of the major influences in an individual’s entire life.  Good schooling plays a major role in shaping a young mind’s character and future in the long run. As parents, one is always fighting the dilemma of whether to send their little one to boarding school or not. Here are five legit reasons for you to send your child to boarding school in Dehradun.

  1. To give them the lesson of independence

It might break your heart to send off your child to boarding school and let them be on their own. However, the vigilant parents must understand that there will be a point in life where they won’t be able to take care of their child or keep an eye on them. It is only fair for the child, if they are taught to be independent from an early age, get accustomed to it and make healthy use of their independence. Yes, boarding school comes with its hardships and your child will have to navigate through it on his own but at the end of it, he or she will emerge as an independent, strong individual who can take care of their own self.

  1. It will inculcate a sense of community and personal growth in them

When your kid is away from home and family, he starts to make a new one at his or her boarding school.  A boarding school experience will improve your child’s communication skill and will help him to work in teams and stay cordially with people from different cultures and classes which will help him or her in the future in ways more than one. You child will also learn about his own self and rectify his personality flaws to cope up with boarding school. They also learn to do their own chores and become self reliable.

  1. Your child will stay in touch with nature

Dehradun is situated in the lap of nature in the Himalayan foothills where the best boarding school in Dehradun is built. The environment is calm, peaceful and lush which not only improves your child’s health away from the toxicity of the urban jungles but also impacts his mindset and free thinking. Staying close to nature during the youth and its initial years has created one of the best artists in the world who were inspired by Mother Nature.

  1. It makes them multidimensional

Boarding school is a lot more than just classroom education. These schools often encourage their students to take up a variety of other curricular activities to build individual who have a lot more to them than just the conventional education. This kind of exposure also helps a child to have varied interests and take encourages them to take a future path off the beaten roads. It will also help children who might not be the kind to excel bookish knowledge but have an artistic streak to them owing to their creative thinking which does not go with convention and need more than just the classic classroom studies. Affordable boarding schools for girls and boys can help with just that.


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