4 Historic Destinations of Bhopal that will leave you Edified

The charm of city of the Nawabs, Bhopal is a junction of the luxurious types of tradition, art and rich culture. Though this city is modernizing at a swift pace, it still has managed to preserve its ancient magnificence.

If you have a plan to go to Bhopal, just book your rooms in Bhopal 3 star hotels and have a luxurious trip. The diverse tourist destinations and charming environs will fill you with fulfilment and enjoyment.  For now, have a quick glimpse of 4 Historic destinations of Bhopal that will leave you Edified

  1. Bhimbetka Caves,

It is really interesting to know about these rich and prestigious caves. These are around 46 kilometres from Bhopal and the place is a World Heritage site.  It emphasizes on the glorious history of this city. The caves were exposed suddenly in the year 1957-58 by an archaeologist.  The rocks and paintings are more than fifteen thousand years of age.  They showcase the lifestyle of men of historic period. The stunning art works on walls and ceilings of the caves are beautiful pieces of creation.

  1. National Museum of Mankind

National Museum of Mankind is also known as the Tribal Habitat Museum. It was formed in year 1985 and it was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India, Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.  The whole area is scattered over an area of 200 acres of land, near to the majestic Upper Lake amidst Shamla Hills in Bhopal.  It is famous for housing an outstanding collection of pre-historic rock shelters that date back to the early stone-age era. This spot will acquaint you with so much of enlightenment.

  1. Gohar Mahal

The mahal stands erect as the evidence to the rich cultural inheritance of Bhopal. This is a   stunning mansion built in arrangement of a palace, showcasing an amazing blend of Hindu and Mughal   chic of architecture. The splendid palace is named after first female ruler of this city, Qudisiya Begum, who was also called Gohar Begum.  It was under her management that the inspiring palace got constructed in 1820. The architecture of this mahal leave the visitors edified about the richness of creativity in past eras.

  1. Sanchi Stupa

Talking about Sanchi Stupa, it is a very significant archaeological and historical spot. It is located at a distance of 46 kilometres from Bhopal.  It is famous for its ancient Stupas and diverse unbelievable Buddhist structures that date back to the era of Mauryans amid 3rd century BC and 12th century AD. The place enjoys a great religious significance for Buddhists. The stupas and other constructions here will leave you impressed   and of course enlightened. Not just the followers of Buddha, but other people too visit here for enlightenment and pleasure.

So, just look for hotels of Bhopal for your stay and explore all these spot along with myriad other places for delight. After all, the city of lakes is not just crammed with monuments but lakes, green environs and beautiful sites too. There is much to explore in this city if you have the time for pleasure.

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