How to increase breast milk supply?

For a woman, breast is not just an important part of the body that can make her feel complete as a woman but also part of her motherhood with the help of which she can feed the baby. Lactating after pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes it so happens that baby demands more milk and mother’s breasts can’t provide more. The last thing to do in this situation is to panic. When the body goes through stressful situations, it obstructs the secretion of lactating hormones. There are some medicines available in the market which claim to secret lactating hormones and increase milk supply but that have adverse effects. Therefore the females who have to face this issue of milk production must go for other innocent options that can offer desired results, i.e., production of sufficient milk and at the same time does not affect the health of the mother or baby. There are some homely options that one can go for. They are easy to use and effective also as far as the result in a limited period is concerned.

So here are some classic natural ways to increase breast milk supply.

Nurse regularly

Milk production in the breast, works in supply and demand manner. The more the demand, the more is the supply. So if more milk is removed, more will be produced. So a mother has to make her sure that she nurses her baby very often.


Hydrate yourself more often. Water is not food, but it makes sure that required milk supply is maintained by the breasts. For a recently been mother, it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water a day. It is a natural phenomenon to be thirsty after breastfeeding the child, so one has to make sure that she is drinking a lot of water.


This might come as weird on the first thought, but yes garlic helps to increase the lactation. One can consume raw garlic cloves or can add garlic to food recipes. Using garlic for increasing milk supply in the breasts has been practised for a long time by mothers. These days there are garlic pills available which can be bought from market and upside for those is there is no aftertaste.


Fennel is the best galactagogue. Fennel can be stewed or directly consume with salads both modes of consumption are beneficial. Fennel constitutes a variety of phytoestrogens which can help increase the milk supply in breasts. Moreover, it also helps in improving digestion. Many moms suffer from constipation after pregnancy so fennel can be helpful for an uneasy belly.


Nuts are also helpful in increasing the breast milk supply. It has been an ancient practice by many females to consume nuts for increasing lactation. Cashew and almonds are two particular choices by many females as they’re tasty and contain high fats. It is to be noted that only salt-free nuts have to be consumed for better results.


Carrots contain beta-carotene which is required in excess while lactating. Carrots contain potassium and carbohydrates so consumption of carrot is also beneficial.

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